Grow Microgreens in a real coconut

Let's grow!

Would you like to eat healthier and at the same time help to relieve the burden on the environment With the Grow-Grow-Nut you can now grow your vitamins at home on the windowsill without any plastic! All materials contained are biodegradable. And with every Grow-Grow Nut we plant, we plant a tree in the poorest areas of the world.n.

No joke: you don't need a green thumb for the Grow-Grow Nut. Just try it out, it's great fun!

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are young, edible seedlings. You could also call them a miniature version of vegetables.

The whole thing works like this: A seedling develops from a seed, from which a sprout emerges. After just a few days, the so-called micro-green is created. It contains many more vitamins and nutrients compared to fully grown vegetables. A red cabbage microgreen, for example, has 260 times as much beta-carotene, 6 times as much vitamin C and 40 times as much vitamin E per gram than the full-grown red cabbage (Journal of Agricultural And Food Chemistry).

Which package is right for me?

Sow 1x Grow-Grow Nut = Plant 1 real tree

our philosophy

We believe that products have to be good for people and the environment. That is why we plant a tree in the poorest areas of the world with every Grow-Grow Nut we grow. Since mid-2019, we have already had over 150,000 trees planted, thus counteracting global warming. We are committed to the inclusion of people with mental or physical disabilities and work closely with workshops for the disabled.

Customer Feedbacks


We grow our Grow-Grow Nut together with our children and it's a lot of fun. Really recommended!


I feel really enriched in my kitchen with the Grow-Grow Nuts. Simply natural (sustainable) ingredients and packaging. And so nice to watch my food grow and then to eat it with joy - knowing that it contains so much life! I'm excited :-)


This year everyone will get a Grow-Grow Nut from me for Christmas - really a great gift idea.​

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Grow-Grow Nut

We need more greens in the world!

Christian and Manuel have been working on the topic of microgreens since 2018. To make cultivation even more sustainable, they invented the Grow-Grow Nut: Instead of a plastic container, an upcycling coconut shell is used. The coconut is naturally very robust and water-resistant, which makes it ideal as a planting container that you can use again and again.

Sow a Grow-Grow Nut = Plant 1 real tree

Reforestation with Eden Projects

We have been looking for an organization for a long time, where we can be sure that the donations will actually get where they are needed. The renowned reforestation projectEden Reforestation Projects reduces poverty and reforests forests healthily by employing local people who plant millions of trees every year.

Over 200,000 trees planted

Thanks to your support, we can plant a tree in the poorest areas of the world with every Grow-Grow Nut we grow. Let's move something together and make the world greener again!

Please find our Eden profile here.